Happy Easter!

Crooked Cobblestones 4 – Cross


African fabric projects

I finished hand sewing the binding and the hanging sleeve last night on my African crooked cobblestones.  It is about 24″ x 34″.
I also finished the other 2 mug rugs.
I used this fabric on the back of the wallhanging and the mug rugs.  The color changes from area to area so it appears to be 3 different fabrics.

Playing around………..

I got my hair cut yesterday morning so I don’t feel like a shaggy old woman any more.  I cut some backings and battings for 3 table runners and figured out the border for a quilt.  I pulled 2 pieces that could be the backing of the quilt too so I’ll decide which one today.  Last night I just wanted to play so I got out all of the African fabric scraps and made some crooked cobblestone blocks and some scrap strip piecing.  I know the photo looks like a mess but it is scraps on the left, cobblestone blocks in a pile at the top  and then the 3 strip piecings that might become mug rugs.
My heating problem is fixed so now I need to finish sorting all of the stuff that was in that corner of the bedroom and get the furniture back in place.  I just wasn’t in the mood to do it yesterday.

24 blocks……..

Yesterday I finished sewing the last 10 blocks.  I had to move a third design wall over to be able to get all of the blocks of both quilts up.  I have the identical block designs in the same position on both quilts.
Then I decided to move 2 blue fish blocks to the quilt on the left and 2 gold fish blocks to the quilt on the right.  I’m not sure this is the final layout but at least I have all of the blocks up where I can see them together.
I needed to do something different last night so I trimmed the 50 crooked cobblestone blocks that I have made in the last 2 months.  I think I have over 200 now to play with.

A little progress……..

I worked on smoothing out the light center on the right and added a few more greens.  Actually everything in the bottom right corner is green but a lot of them are blue greens rather than bright greens so the photo doesn’t capture the real look.  I also moved the bottom row down one space again and added in more pieces to fill in.  I have several more days working on it but standing on the cement floor in the basement is getting to me so I’ll have to pace myself.
I took a break in the afternoon and sewed some more Crooked Cobblestones.  I actually made 22 of them but the rest didn’t get in the photo shoot.
5 years ago today I started my blog so our nation and my blog share the same birthday.  Happy 4th of July to my US readers.

Strips added, bonus blocks……….

I added the dark strips on the right side and bottom and now this top is complete and will be a wallhanging.
I ended up with a lot of short ends from the strips when making the above quilt and its partner.  I decided to go ahead and make more crooked cobblestone blocks with them instead of putting them away and getting them back out later when I would be making more blocks.  There are over 20 in this pile.
This will be the center of the third quilt which I will be chain piecing with the second one as I finish it.  Maybe on this one I will alternate light rounds and dark rounds for the target effect.

A little playtime……..

I took the 130 Crooked Cobblestone blocks with me to NC but all I did with them was sort them by size.  I played with them a little yesterday but I can see I need a little more variety in color.  I decided to just read for the rest of the day instead of making more blocks.
I am planning on painting my living/dining room this month.  My cousin is coming to pick up a china cabinet that has been in the family a long time.  He wants it for sentimental reasons and I want it gone so it’s a good fit.  He won’t get here for another week and a half so I have plenty of time to prepare the room for painting. The room is L shaped and is 30′ on the 2 longest walls, 15′ on the other walls.  I think I have myself convinced I can do it by myself.