Merry Christmas…..

This is the reason for the season for me.  Merry CHRISTmas.



I finished my great grandson’s stocking at 10:30 last night.  His name is a little too high on the cuff but I doubt it will make any difference to him.

Finally I’m using some of this cute kid’s Christmas print.

I got my gifts mailed to out of state family and baked a batch of Spritz cookies yesterday.  Today I need to wrap gifts for the party tomorrow and bake some requested goodies.

Decision made…………

We had our second monthly sewing day yesterday since the 4th Thursday falls on Christmas.  My new project is a flannel quilt with 4.5″ squares that I cut when I made the 4 flannel quilts at the beginning of this year.  I cut a few more squares on Wednesday so I could make it a little larger.  I will save this to work on in January at our next sewing day.

I finally made the decision that the Christmas stocking for my great grandson would be denim and  machine embroidered.  This design took over 2 hours to sew out.  It had 22 thread changes so I was “on call” for a long time.  I made 2 batches of Chex mix while it sewed.

Another project……….

I only have 3 days to come up with an idea for a Christmas stocking for the newest member of the family.  The party is on Sunday.  My two friends are coming over to sew today so I will play around with some ideas while they are here.  I have a tutorial for making a Christmas stocking here.  The one I was building in the tutorial was for this little guy’s dad when he joined the family party.

One of my friends stopped by yesterday with this gift for me.  We have had many discussions about brown sugar and storage and she has had good luck with this one.  There is a terra cotta ring that you soak in water that goes in there to keep the sugar soft.  This squarish shape will fit nicely on the shelf too.

Working on service project……..

Our church sewing circle supports the women’s shelter at a mission in a nearby town.  We give Christmas gifts in stockings that we make.  I cut out 12 large ones for the children and 19 smaller ones for the ladies.

I stitched them with gold thread and a feather stitch by machine.  The metallic thread kept breaking and finally the 4th brand is working, no shredding or breaking on 8 stockings so far.  I have to have them done by Monday afternoon for our sew in at the church.

I went to Wal-m*rt yesterday morning and I checked to see if they are going to have Christmas cactus for sale this year.  They had some and this is a new color that my 2 friends and I don’t have.  I’m calling it a champagne color because it isn’t yellow or apricot.  They were only $2.92 each, a steal!!  I picked them up for my friends in case Wal-m*rt doesn’t have any more of this color.

Merry Christmas!

It isn’t a white Christmas this year but it is a celebration of Jesus’ birth, so whatever the weather it is a special day.  I pray that everyone will have safe travel to family gatherings.
I have 16 more partial blocks sewn.  See my new Bright Light on my machine?  A friend sent it to me for Christmas.  It makes a lot of difference with my night sewing.
I completed 6 more blocks before I started the last 16.  I like the mix of batiks and Kaffe prints. 


I put the last hand stitches in the binding while I watched TV last night.  No matter how many photos I take of this quilt, they all have a blue cast which I tried to correct in my photo editing program.  It really is prettier than it looks here.
The color is truer in this photo and the next one which show the 2 border fabrics with the binding.
I spent 3 hours yesterday going through ‘stuff’ while cleaning out the corner of my bedroom so my plumbing and heating guy could come back and bleed the water line in my baseboard heater.  My bedroom and one section in the dining room weren’t getting any heat.  I hope 3rd time is a charm, once when I got the new pump a year ago, next time when I had the new boiler installed in April, and now to clear out the air that all settled in the area the farthest point from the boiler.