Just the facts…for my own record keeping…but you can read them……

I bought my longarm machine (Babylock Jewel 18″) in November 2008.  (I don’t quilt for others.)  I have quilted 88 quilts on it since then, 41 which were given away or sold, 9 QOV quilts, and 38 that I still own.  So….in 5.75 years I have averaged quilting a little over 15 quilts a year….so I guess I can stop beating myself up for not getting more done.

I also quilt some of my smaller pieces on my regular machines.  This one is the Pfaff 7570, 14 years old, in my Koala cabinet in the main floor studio.

In the basement I have a larger opening for the quilt to go through on the Babylock straight stitch machine which they have now named Jane.  It was the Professional Quilter when I bought it and it is over 10 years old.

On those 2 machines from 2009 to present I have quilted 49 pieces of which I gave away or sold 21 and still own 28.  These range in size from mini quilts and tablerunners to twin size.  On these 2 machines I averaged a little less than 9 pieces a year.  On all 3 machines I averaged 24 quilts quilted each year, or 2 a month (and I’m sure I started piecing at least 2 a month too!).