Still organizing………….

I’m trying to do it right this time, all the way, not just half way done.  The left side of the fruit cellar is done.  You can see that it is a narrow room and 14′ long.  This is approximately 6′ of it.  I put the batting rolls up on 2 cement blocks that were in there.  My son stopped by and I sent a bunch of stuff home with him that had been stored here.  I still have a little work to do on the right end of the room.

While everything was still out where I could see it I decided to choose some backings to pair with tops.  This is the first one.  I have had that backing fabric for probably 30 years and I think it looks great with that top.

This Jane Sassaman print looks great with the X and+ quilt top.

I’m not positive about this one but I think it will work.

I’m undecided if I should put a floral backing on this one.  I don’t want all of my quilts to only be matches for women.  This top could be masculine too so I might keep looking.

I had a regular quilting cotton chosen for the back of this 16 patch but since the top is all batik, I would rather have a batik backing. The 2 darker blues would have to be used together since there isn’t enough of either one for the whole back.

This one is navy and white and I think it brightens the quilt.  Also there is enough of it for the whole back.  I think I will use it.

Hopefully I’ll actually sew something tonight while I watch TV.


Clean up day………

Every time I walked into my studio this is the mess I saw.  Maybe if the tops were tilted like this photo, they would be clean all of the time.

By the time 2 episodes of Unforgettable were over I had made some progress.   Now maybe I’ll really work in here.

Cleaning, sorting, cutting trees…….

My daughter is coming to visit next week so I needed to move the piles of quilts off the guest bed.  I’m also giving a program for a guild at the end of June so I’m sorting the quilts into traveling and staying home piles.

There are more piled on the coffee table and couch.  I have shown all of these quilts on my blog before so there is nothing new here.  I think I have shown more than 250 quilts so far in the almost 7 years that I have had my blog.  Some day maybe I’ll go back and count them.

In the late afternoon I went out to the backyard and cut down volunteer trees again getting ready for brush pick up next week.  I didn’t know what this bush was that has been growing by a redbud tree for about 3 years.  This year it bloomed and now I know it is Honeysuckle, the non fragrant variety, so I cut it down and put it out in the brush pile.

 The peonies are really blooming now.  This is one of the early bushes.

 I love the pink ones most of all.

 The native plant Heliotrope is in bloom and very fragrant.  Right now my Korean Lilac bush is in bloom, also fragrant and with the peonies and Heliotrope added, the backyard smells wonderful.


Flannel for design wall, stacks of blocks, pieces of borders clipped together…..I’m ready for the sew in today.

The Weigelas are in bloom.  The darker pink ones are past their prime, this pale pink is nice right now and the red one just has buds, no blooming yet.  I had several more peony bushes burst into bloom yesterday.

The REAL Studio Tour

Vicki Welsh is hosting a REAL Studio tour, this is week 2, and we are showing storage solutions.  There is a button on the right side bar that will take you to the link up on Vicki’s blog to see other storage ideas.  This little DMC 6 strand embroidery floss cabinet fits on the bottom shelf of one of my bookcases and holds my regular sewing thread.  I had a quilt shop back in the 1980s and I sold DMC embroidery floss and cross stitch supplies in addition to fabric. I kept 3 of these when I closed the store. 

I bought drawer divider trays to help keep the thread separated into color groups for the small spools.  Another one of these has scissors and rotary cutter blades and other small items in it.  The third one is really miscellaneous.

Last week I got 2 small shelf units on wheels.  They fit perfectly under the extensions of the cutting table.  All of the thread on the bottom four shelves is embroidery thread for my embroidery machine.  The other shelf unit has fabric in all of the boxes.

I just got this on Friday.  I have looked at them in the past and the price has always held me back ($89.99).  Even at half price I just couldn’t buy it but Friday it was 70% off so I got it.  It is short enough to use the top as an ironing surface by my sewing machine too.  One size of the cut and press boards fits perfectly on top of it.  I just put it together yesterday so I haven’t filled the drawers yet.

Snapware stack units are my favorite portable storage for small pieces of fabric.  Since I have two studios on different levels of my house this makes it convenient to transport pieces from one to the other.  I have several sizes of the containers.

Next week we will be showing our studios, as they are when we are working in them, not pristine clean.

No star block for Monday………..

Yesterday was the day to take the gifts to our church sewing circle for packing.  They will be blessed next Sunday and then delivered in time for the Christmas party next week.  I had a little time in the morning to sit and sew these 8 blocks together for a table runner before I left.

The roads were pretty clean but the temperature was only in the teens yesterday.  It was down to 0 by the time I went to bed.  More snow is predicted Wednesday so I rescheduled my eye appointment in Chicago to January.  Wednesday is supposed to be the coldest day this week and there in no sense in risking my son’s and my life for a 3 month check up.  The black ice on the roads in these conditions is the worst problem.  Now we just have to hope for good weather in the middle of January.

On the way home I stopped at Michael’s and bought four of the square boxes for my shelf unit.  They were on sale for $5.39.  I have already filled them with my ‘less than quarter yard’ pieces of batiks. 

I did three more errands on the way home and hopefully will be able to stay home the rest of the really cold days this week.

Another gift and die cutting…………

I spent the morning yesterday doing the machine embroidery on 4 dish towels for the ladies in the apartments at the mission that our church helps support.  We don’t know anything about the ladies so it is hard to get them anything personal.  A new dishtowel and dishcloths always brighten my day so I hope it will brighten theirs.

In the afternoon I started cleaning up an area of the basement and cut a lot of scraps with my die cutter.  This is the 1 1/2″ square die.

I store the squares in this Snapware container.  I’m not sure where I bought this one.  The top 2 layers are open and the bottom layer is divided.

There are lids on the two sections of the bottom layer.

There are 2″ squares and 1 1/2″ squares in it.  When it gets too full to hold any more I’ll come up with a project for them.