20 blocks……………

I made 2 more blocks yesterday and then took those and the three from the day before down to the design wall.  I just needed one more block so I chose fabrics and sewed that one last night.

Here are all 20 of the 12″ blocks.  It would be 48″ x 60″ at this point.  I’m a little tired of the turquoise and rose/burgundy/rust combination so I might stop here.  First I have to decide if any of the blocks are not working and need replacing.  Also I need to move a few to different spots.  

They are talking snow again for today so I might have to spend some time shoveling.  The part 2 of my TAW class is supposed to be tomorrow so I also need to clean the basement.


13 thoughts on “20 blocks……………

  1. This looks great. Love the pattern. It looks very hard though. If precision lacks a bit, it would really show up. Very attractive design. For once, Buffalo is not going to get whomped by the snow.

  2. Good morning Wanda, wish I were able to attend the TAW class this month, but hopefully, my arm will be better soon, so that I can attend the next one. Thank God we don't live on the East Coast, with the crippling weather that's predicted for them. Those poor people have been hit really hard and winter still has a couple of months to go. Have a great day!

  3. It is looking great Wanda. I understand about getting tired of a two color combination. But I must admit that with the variations in colors on this, I really like the effect.

  4. Looks like a difficult block – I think I'd get tired of it long before I got tired of the colors. But the blocks are beautiful. Perhaps the one in the upper right corner is too dark for the rest?

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