Delivery day………

Today is the first time I have been able to go to my church sewing circle this year.  We cancelled most of the sessions because of bad weather but some of the ladies met at least once in March.  My church is 23 miles from my house and I am a fair weather driver.  I worked on this group of preemie gowns and blankets for about 3 weeks, a little bit here and there.  There are 34 sets in a total of 4 sizes.

I have shown the pattern before but I decided I needed to repeat it and put a label of “preemie pattern” on this post so it is easy to find.

I made 4 little quilts, 3 pictured here.  They are just one pieced flannel layer and a backing of flannel, quilted and with edges finished on my serger.  This keeps them soft and flexible just like a receiving blanket.  Batting would make them too bulky in this small size.  The largest one is about 18″ x 22″, the smallest about 15″ x 18″.

I made a little progress on the left side of this project.  For more info on this quilt go to this post.


Blazing Star quilt top………….

I sewed the last few setting triangles on last night.  I should have cut the corner triangles about 1/2″ larger.  I will need to trim the four sides about 1/4″ to match the size of the corners.  It ended up about 58″ x 76″.

I have moved the triangle project over to this design wall now and started the photography in steps to show the assembly.

Partially sewn……..

I have the sashing all sewn onto the blocks and the top left 2 rows are sewn together.  The bottom right corner block and triangles are also sewn.  The setting triangles were larger than my triangle ruler this time.  I need to get this off the double design wall so I can transfer my triangle project onto it.

I saw this big bird strutting around at my back lot line.  I used the super telephoto on my point and shoot camera and found out it is a Northern Flicker.  He is on one of the walnut tree stumps looking for food.

My pink and white cactus has the largest flowers of all of my plants.

This is a close up looking up at the 2 blooms that are on the left in the photo above.

Really the final layout……..

This is really the final layout of the Blazing Stars after a few changes from a couple days ago.  I’m auditioning the light fabric as the narrow sashing between blocks and the green as the setting triangles and cornerstones.

Here is a close up of the two fabrics.  

I finished basting the big quilt I showed yesterday and did some more quilting in the light areas of the wallhanging I am working on.  I also finished sewing neckbands on all of the little preemie gowns for my church project so it was a good sewing day yesterday.

I thought it was the final layout…….

I moved blocks for over a half hour and thought I was done.  Now after seeing it on the computer monitor I may have to move a few blocks.

These are the blocks that I pulled out.  I found one more on the table so there were 5 instead of 4.

I am a math person, love math, but blocks on the diagonal take a lot of figuring so I am using this aid from C&T Publishing.

This will give me the size of the finished quilt with and without sashing.

This is where I usually get lost, the diagonal width of the sashing strips.

The setting triangles are always tricky but this guide gives me the cutting size.  Since I like them a little over-sized I might round up to the next even inch.

Occasionally a publication will have some errors, usually caught by readers who then alert the publishing company.  If you go here and go to the bottom of the page under support you will find Errata & Updates.  There was a PDF file you could download for this book and print out a new page to paste over the original page.

Hunter Star table runner top……

I decided to mix up the values and try to distribute the very darkest value evenly.  The biggest problem with it is that the middle value was used for both a dark and a light so one block looks pretty solid where they came together.  I probably could have played with the triangle half blocks longer to fix that, but let’s get real.  This is something that will sit on a table with hot dishes on it and probably get gravy spilled on it.  Now I have to find a backing and binding fabric and finish it along with about 5 or 6 other table runners that are waiting to be finished.  For those who were asking, I cut these pieces with the Hunter Star die for the GO! cutter.

Our weather has set new records 2 days in a row, coldest high it has been on these dates for over a hundred years (records in Chicago), 53 degrees 2 days in a row.  I haven’t turned on the heat yet.

Cutting done……….

This is what I wanted to try with the fabric I showed yesterday.  It is still just half blocks so I can play with layouts first.

I don’t know if the light to dark in the first photo is any better than just values mixed up.  I need to move some more pieces in the second photo for a better balance of the dark values.  This is all that 1 yard will make.  There was another half star (2 6″ blocks) but that would make it unbalanced.  This would finish at 12″ x 36″, a nice table runner size.  It resembles a parquet floor.

I sewed the last 10 strips on this piece (from 2 days ago).  It is only about 17″ square.  All of the fabrics in this piece and the fabric shown above were from a group I showed on a 2009 post.  The photo is a little dark, taken with an older camera.

This cute little baby bunny was in the back yard in charge of weed control.  He sat there and patiently ate a bunch of leaves from the broad leaf weeds.  It was 53 degrees here yesterday and 79 degrees on Wednesday.