>One more basted…


I had one more top I wanted to spray baste before I take the newspaper mask off the design wall.  This is the one labeled my second favorite on my right side bar.  I hope it is still a favorite after I quilt it.  My plan is to have a couple rows of stitching in each of those tiny pieces in matching rayon embroidery thread.  I will ditch quilt it along several of the seams to stabilize it first. 

I decided to leave the edge on the Journal Quilt I posted last night.  I figure I have 52 chances to find an edge finish I like best if I make a Journal Quilt every week in 2011.


>Finally some progress


I saw a video about spray basting up on a wall so I tried it with my 3 ‘crooked cobblestone’ quilts.  I can see that I need to put a lot more pins in the backing so it doesn’t wrinkle while I’m smoothing out the batting and then the top.

Then I went straight to the machine and ditch quilted the vertical seams between the columns, and on 2 of them, ditch quilted where the border is sewn on.  Now the big decision is how much more quilting and what colors of thread.

Someone asked a couple days ago where to buy builder’s Styrofoam sheets.  I bought mine at our local lumberyard which has gone out of business, but I think you can find them at Lowe’s, Menard’s, Home Depot, or whatever home building supply company you have in your area.  The sheets are 4′ x 8′ and come in a lot of different thicknesses.  Since mine are freestanding and movable I went with the 1″ thick.  If you are mounting them on the wall you may want thinner.

I am answering the question here because the person who asked has no way for me to contact them.  IF you have a Google Account, even if you don’t have a blog, would you PLEASE enable your email address so us bloggers can answer your questions?  Go to the Dashboard page, click on Edit Profile, put a check mark in front of Show my Email Address and then scroll down and SAVE.  For those of you without a Google Account, I have an email link on my right side bar and another email link on my profile page.  If you really want an answer, please use one of them.