African fabric quilt top…………

My 2 friends came over to sew yesterday and that was the push I needed to make the decisions about the border on this quilt.  I decided a random order of the color sections was the way to go.  I was able to get 4 matching corner blocks out of a large print African fabric.  This is my favorite of all of the quilts I have made from this group of fabrics.  I will try to round up all of the photos and make a collage of my African fabric quilts.

After I finished that top I went back to unpicking loops for the bottom half of the Australian fabric Trip Around the World.  Then last night I sewed the center seam on 12 strips and sewed them together, one long seam from top to bottom.  This quilt should finish around 62″ x 78″.  I just wanted a large couch size quilt.

I am thinking about teaching this TAW class again locally (Sandwich IL).  If you live anywhere near me and are interested, email me here.  I have a special rate for anyone who has taken the class before and wants to participate.  I am hoping to teach it in November and again in January.


More border strip sets……..

I sewed the green strip set and then I looked at the remaining strips and saw that there were enough to make a purple and burgundy set.  I sewed them last night and just pinned them all up on the edge of the design wall.  It’s time to cut sections out of them and decide on the order of colors.

I did a lot of cutting of scraps yesterday so I didn’t get a lot done on any of the 3 projects I have in progress.


I think this is my final layout of the African courthouse steps blocks.  The border audition: these are the sewn strip sets I had for a previous African quilt I was going to make.  There are 3 sets there, orange, blue and gold.  Each one is the full 45″ long so I can cut lots of sections out of them for a piano key type border.  I could make a green set too so I may audition that later today.  With just the blocks it would be 73″ long and 49″ wide so I thought about just putting borders on the sides for a better proportion.  I will know more after I get the ends and bottom sashing strips on.

The 4 blooms are on the ends of 2 leaves.  This is the first time I have had 2 blooms on more than one leaf at a time.

Working on two quilts………

This is what I accomplished in the studio yesterday: left side strips on 24 African fabric blocks and 68 triangle squares.

I wanted to cut the Drunkard’s Path pieces but I decided to go up into the attic since it was the perfect temperature for cleaning.  I had 3 huge partially empty boxes and 1 full one that I went through.  All 4 boxes are out of the attic now and also one big bag of trash.  Two of the boxes were full of blue jeans.  Everyone gave me their old jeans when I was teaching the Jeans Quilt class.  A lot of the pairs were in great shape so they are being donated to Goodwill.  A few pairs will go into another quilt that I will make this winter.  The rest….well, they are still in the attic but all in one box.

African fabrics…………

I cut 2″ strips from my African fabric collection about 5-6 years ago and started making a quilt but was never happy with it.  I have been trying to come up with an idea for the strips and finally just went back to courthouse steps/log cabin pattern with zebra stripe fabric as one of the rounds.  I used 2 different African fabrics in each block.

The zebra print tends to look like gray from a distance but close up you can see the black/white.  I will start piecing my black sashing strips to the blocks soon.  I’ll show my border idea on Thursday.

Tomorrow I’m going to be linking to the Drunkard’s Path quiltalong with a photo of one of mine and another that one of my art quilter friends made.

January 2014 recap……..

I finished 4 quilt tops, 2 started last year and 2 started and completed in January.

One quilt top is mostly completed; I want to add some pieced borders to it yet.

I quilted and bound one quilt.  Started in the late 1990s.

Seven mug rugs were completed.

Five dish cloths knitted.  The top one is the end of 3 different balls of yarn.  I need to knit some cheerier colors this month.

Taking it easy………

Thanks everyone for the good wishes yesterday.  I was exhausted (the trip to Chicago always does that to me) and didn’t do much all day except finish a book, continue knitting a dishcloth and start cleaning off tables in my basement.  I also trimmed the quilt that I just quilted.

While I was cleaning up in the basement I found 2 large pieces of plaid fabric which has me second guessing whether I will piece the back out of leftover plaids.  The top one, black and white, is about the same weight as the fabrics in the quilt top.  The darker plaid on the bottom is a little heavier.  I have enough of the dark plaid for the whole back.  I have enough of the black and white plaid for one complete length and enough left over to use with some piecing for the rest of the back.  I will have some time to think about it because the art quilters are coming Monday which means I am switching over to basement cleaning and straightening up for a couple days.