>Several people have asked about my camera.

This is the camera I purchased in May. It is the Canon PowerShot S5IS. It is an advanced point and shoot digital with the shoe on top for an additional flash that you can purchase. It has a fold up flash otherwise. It is 8.0 megapixels compared to my old camera with 4.0 megapixels. This camera will take good telephoto shots from my back windows overlooking the shade garden. I was standing 2-3 feet from the butterflies in the previous post and used the zoom/telephoto lens.


>Taking Pictures

>Terri emailed me and asked if I would elaborate on how I get such good pictures. I feel I am still just an amateur at it but I have to admit, the pictures look good on the computer screen.

This is my first digital camera. My son is a professional photographer and he was ready to get a new one a few years ago so I bought this one from him. It is rather big and clunky but it is much easier to hold it steady because it it heavier. Kodak cameras seem to capture pretty true color too.
And then I got this little tiny one when I was going to Paducah 3 years ago. Drawback: it is so lightweight that it is hard to hold steady. But it has lots of settings that are easy to find. Now on to the subject, I have two 4′ x 7′ foam boards side by side, covered with white flannel in my basement. They are right next to two 8′ daylight fluorescent Vitalite bulbs in a ceiling fixture. I usually turn on any other close by lights too so there is more light coming in from the side.

I take anywhere from 2-6 shots of everything. I stand as close as possible for a couple, then move back and use the telephoto lens for more. For close up pictures, the little camera has simple settings to change to close, very close and regular. It also has an easy setting to turn off the flash if I think that would work.

Next I go to the program in my computer that came with my HP printer and in there I can crop, do auto adjust, and resize for my blog (usually around 700 x 700 or similar size so you can click to enlarge). After I use auto adjust I sometimes play a little more with the sliders on the screen to get it to look the way I want. I have never learned to use Photoshop or any of the other fancy programs.

I guess the biggest tip is really get up close and personal with your camera and learn what the settings are and how to find them. Set up your foam boards outside for natural light if you don’t have a place inside to take pictures. Play at it until you see the results you want.