Back up blog

I was using this blog as a back up for my Google Blogger blog which I started in 2007.  I have been successful importing from the other blog until recently when it doesn’t work any more.  Please visit my other site to continue with my journey in quilting.


It was cloudy most of the day yesterday so it stayed cool enough to mow the grass and pull some weeds.  The humidity is still high.

Last night I finished cutting pieces for this little Kaffe colorwash.  I did get it sewn together after I took this photo but I haven’t pressed it yet.

In the cool basement………..

I showed a pile of triangles on Saturday that I sewed on Friday night.  Yesterday was hot and steamy so I played in the basement.  This is the first layout I tried.

Then I grouped the colors for some of the rings.  I don’t think I’ll sew either of these layouts but it was fun playing.

I still have more cutting to do on the Kaffe colorwash.  This first piece will just be a small one to see how it looks sewn together.  Meanwhile I’ll continue cutting the hundreds of Kaffe fabrics that I have.  The rest of the week is supposed to be in the 90s and very humid so I think I’ll be in the basement for a couple more days.

African quilt……

Here are the green strips that I am auditioning for another section of the piano key border.

The top looks a lot neater now that it is sewn together.  I will cut sections of the strip sets (see yesterday’s post) and figure out the order they will be sewn together today.

Yesterday none of my comments were forwarded to my email.  Did anyone else have that problem?  Is Blogger playing with us again?

I’m still here………

I have been very consistent to post every morning at 5 a.m. (actually written around midnight and set to post at 5).  Last night I went to the computer to do my post, answered a few emails first, realized how tired I was and went to bed.  It wasn’t until 8:30 this morning that I realized I didn’t do a post.  So….I’m OK in case you wondered.  I always have a couple emails from concerned friends when my post isn’t there and I thank them for checking up on me.

All I had in photos was my retail therapy for June.  I took advantage of the 23% off sale at Canton Village Quiltworks last weekend and got a few new Australian fabrics.

There were some great light colored batiks that I needed.  She had 1/2 yard as the minimum purchase so that is mostly what I got.

I see the light lavender one sneaked into 2 photos….

2 more corners filled in…..

I got the top right corner and bottom left corner sewn yesterday while my guests visited my son in law’s mother. 
We went out to lunch and then I laid out the last corner to sew whenever.

This is me, my son in law, his mother and my daughter.  It turned really cool yesterday with lots of gentle rain in the morning.  Today and tomorrow look like perfect weather, not too hot.

Playing with 2" strips……….

Last night I decided to cut the pieces for these blocks – tutorial on Debbie’s blog.  I have a whole box of 2″ strips so I was able to cut the pieces quickly.

I may have to play with a zig zag layout.

My neighbors had a whole patch of this little plant, and they didn’t plant it.  I found one down under some tall plants.  I thought it looked like creeping Charlie on steroids when I first saw it.  I have no idea what it is.

Two varieties of Cranesbill share one spot by my porch.  It’s so nice to be into blooming season.