This and that………

The crunchy ice melted off the driveway by 10:30 yesterday morning.  I figured it was better to be safe than sorry and reschedule the class.   
I rearranged the blocks on the Hunter Star and thought it might be the final layout.  Then I got an email that I had won a giveaway and I’m wondering if some of those fabrics might look good with this so I’ll wait until I get them before I sew it together.

I made new curtains for my 1953 pink bathroom.  It is a flesh pink so the curtain leans toward pale coral.  2 1/2 years procrastination, 55 minutes pressing, cutting and sewing them.

Two of last year’s Amaryllis bulbs have buds on them.  I didn’t even put them outside last summer.  They were in the garage the whole time.  I brought them in and started watering them about 6 weeks ago.  I have 3 others from last year or previous years and they are just leaves so far.

I didn’t have anything ready to sew last night so I tore papers out of these pieces.  I know you are supposed to sew the pieces together first and then tear the paper out but I have success this way.  Here is a photo of all of the blocks.  I was happy to see I had taken a picture of the whole layout since I didn’t know how any of these pieces go back up on the wall.



A little more decorating…..

My quilts came home from NC with my daughter’s family for Thanksgiving.  My son in law helped with the hanging to get it level.  It’s hard to do by myself.  We actually hung a different one first but I decided it was too light of a color and changed to this one.  I have one ready to quilt that will really hang here when I get it finished.  Meanwhile I can enjoy this one.
It was over 60 degrees here yesterday, kind of rare for December.  I went out and dumped my last 3 pots and brought in both hose reels.  Now I think I’m really ready for winter.

I’ve turned the corner……

I got the 30′ wall done yesterday and turned the corner and painted 12′ of the next 30′ wall.  I moved the desk back and reloaded the drawers, moved the side table back against the right wall, taped the front window, moved more furniture on the 18′ stretch that is left.  I hope I can get the rest of this wall painted today.  I have 2 blog readers stopping by on Monday and my brother and his wife will be here from TX Tues. – Sat. so I need the room mostly back in place.  I never even made it to the studio.  It was nice and cool yesterday, didn’t even get up to 70 degrees so it was perfect painting weather.  Today promised to be similar weather.  I guess I won’t make it out to the fair this year.  It ends today.
I added my “film debut” video to my right side bar in case you missed it on the post or want to watch it again.

A fun day……

It was so much fun yesterday morning meeting another blogger.  I can’t tell you who it was until she gets home from her trip but I can tell you we had a great time talking ‘quilt’.  Her husband checked out the fair and was impressed with the size of our fairgrounds.  After they left I got out my helpers, super sliders and started moving furniture away from the next wall to be painted.
I’m going to show you why I hate my carpeting.  I had it put in 17 years ago and painted the walls the same shade of taupe and was very happy with it…….until the carpeting started changing color.  The pink area is where furniture was sitting. The carpet has a green cast in some areas and some areas are still taupe.  The dark area near the wall is the rust from the bleeder leaking earlier this year.    The only good news in all of this is that furniture will always cover the rust, and the carpet doesn’t look as sick with the new contrasting paint color.  I got the ceiling line taped on 20′ of this 30′ wall and I need to move the roll top desk before I can finish it.  I will have to take all of the drawers out and then I can lift the corners just enough to stick the sliders under.  I have moved the desk before so I know I can do it…’s not fun, but I can do it.
My reward for prepping the wall was sewing the 5 strip sets that I chose the day before.
Here is the reward I will have after painting on Saturday and Sunday.

I really did paint………..

This photo shows a bit of all 3 walls that are done.  I haven’t started putting things back on shelves and all of the family photos are on the mantel right now until I make decisions.  I’m not even sure what the furniture arrangement will be.  I just needed everything back against that wall so I can move the things that are against the opposite wall.  My couch and love seat are leather and were called purple when I bought them 17 years ago but they are more of a burgundy now, changing a little with age. The red chair has faded to a soft red.  If it wasn’t the most comfortable chair I own I might be tempted to get rid of it.  It is a swivel rocker and just my size.
This is the leaning tower of blocks…….it was the best I could do after a day of painting.  It was not a pretty sight seeing a 70 something lady try to walk after being on hands and knees for 15′ painting the baseboard.  I wasn’t good for anything other than making some blocks for the rest of the day.  There are 5 A’s and 5 B’s here.
I have 46 blocks made, 17 to go.  I need to add another row at the top as well as filling in the bottom.  I think I will take them all down when I get the last ones made and start over with the layout.  They have just been put up as I made them and I’m not happy with it.  I cut enough light triangles last night for 14 more blocks.  I think I need some more red in there and maybe a little more bright yellow.

A’s and B’s, wall to paint……….

It rained a lot yesterday and was so humid that I didn’t paint.  I made some more blocks instead, 2 A blocks and 2 B blocks.  If you are making this quilt and aren’t following Sujata’s wonderful directions, you are missing a lot.  She has the pressing and the flipping every other block in a row all figured out for you.  It is a dream to sew together (see yesterday’s post for my hand dyed version sewn together) with the seams in opposing directions at every intersection.
After doing some more cutting I chose 6 more pairs to sew.  Actually I got these all sewn plus 3 more pairs last night after I took this photo.
This is the easiest wall in the living room to paint and I will do it today.  I taped the ceiling line last night.  My Spackle was all dried up (from 6 years ago) so I have to go get some this morning.  I have 6 nail holes to fill, one outlet cover take off and the thermostat cover to remove.  When I finish it I will have 3 adjoining walls painted and I can move the furniture back.  The other 3 walls will get done later in the week when it cools off.
This is a little more accurate for the lightest color.  I took this photo in daylight but a cloudy day.  It isn’t quite as grayed as the color card so I’m wondering if the new paint will be slightly different.  I guess I’ll know soon.

Painting progress and 32 blocks……………

This is the darker of the 2 quarts of paint and therefore is my accent wall.  The room is a big L shape so this wall is in the dining area.  It is a smoky purple and this is a little bluer than it really looks.  It looks like charcoal gray with a purple tint at night.
This is the lighter color and the photo was taken at night.  You can see how the lamp on the left has affected the wall color.  It is almost impossible to show you what it really looks like.  Again it is not as blue as it looks here.  I looked at a smoky blue purple but thought it would only look like gray at night and went with the red purple instead.  It is a little more purple than I want so something halfway between would have probably pleased me more.  With that said, I think I’m going to go ahead with this color for the rest of the room while the paint is on sale.
I finished 12 more blocks 2 nights ago but didn’t press them until last night.  I’m sure I’ll do some rearranging as I add blocks.  I cut more triangles last night but haven’t paired them yet.  I need to decide today whether I will put my bookcase back where it was (left of doorway in top photo) or move it to the other side and hang this large wallhanging (first photo) on the left side.  I can see I need to get a better photo of it now that I have a better camera.  That photo was taken 5 years ago.