Red Random Plank….done…..

I got busy first thing in the morning yesterday to get the binding sewn on this Random Plank quilt.  I did it all by machine.  I tried to cut the dotted fabric straight along the dots and only one small area is off a bit.  It is on the left about a third of the way up from the bottom.  It ended up at 74.5″ x 99″.
I finished 2 blocks and started a third one while I watched 2 episodes of Doc Martin on Netflix.  I’m near the end of season 4 now.  I decided I will use the crazy pieced block (shown yesterday) in the Rattlesnake quilt, and maybe I’ll try to sneak a second one in.  I have all of the fabric chosen now to complete 36 blocks and I have an idea for borders at the top and bottom to make it rectangular.


16 blocks……..

I think the Rattlesnake quilt is coming to life with a little more red in it.  On the pattern Karen has 20 blocks with red corners but I’m not going to have that many.
I only got one block made yesterday.  I finished loading a quilt on my longarm in the morning and quilted a few rows and then met a friend for lunch.  We ended up talking for 3 and a half hours.
When I got home I finished the quilting and trimmed the extra batting and backing.  I’m planning to use the dotted fabric for the binding.

A little more……..

I only got three blocks done yesterday.  I got sidetracked with some computer clean up.  I need to update the ‘pages’ on the right side bar and I made a little progress.  I hadn’t added photos to any of the categories for so long.  There is more to do though.
I played around with meshing the blocks together.  I have to make a whole lot more of the small ones or cut some filler squares with fussy cut 7.5″ squares of the big prints.
This is the whole group of blocks so far.  I have 3 more large blocks cut out and unless I decide I need a certain color added, that is all of the large blocks I will make.  Then I can get serious about a layout.
I also chose a backing for this quilt.  I originally had 2 Kaffe prints as contenders but I decided I need to save them for borders on future quilts and not waste them on the back.
This was my original first choice for the back but when I laid it out to double check how much I had, it was a couple inches short of what I needed.  That prompted me to look for other fabrics for the back.


I meant to take photos of the backs of the table runners for yesterday’s post but forgot.
I was looking for a good green for the binding on this one and found one with both blue and green that looks really nice with it.
I also got the borders sewn onto the random plank quilt.  I put 7″ borders on the sides and 5″ borders on the 2 ends.  Actually I may trim down the end borders to 4 or 4.5″ because it doesn’t need to be this long.  Before quilting it is 78″ x 106″ the way it is.  It will probably shrink at least 2-3″ with quilting.

Random plank #4

Random plank #4 measures 64″ x 96″ at this point.  I used 70 strips of Kaffe collective fabrics and 118 spacer squares (which = 5.5 strips).  Around 20 of the strips were left full length (42-44″) and the rest were cut into half, quarters, or thirds/two-thirds.  This (plus straight joining seams vs. angles on the original) is what makes it into random plank instead of jelly roll race which is all full length (width of fabric) strips.

This quilt is almost twice the size of the jelly roll quilt and took me 6 hours and 5 minutes to sew it.  That doesn’t count the time of pulling out 70 different fabrics and cutting 1 strip off each of them. 

I have a chart on this post which gives you an idea of how many strips makes what size quilt.

Random plank progress…….

I learned the hard way on the last one of these that I made that I need to stack the long strip so it doesn’t get a twist at the end.
Then I turn the stack on its side and pull the beginning from each side and start sewing them together.
When I get to the end I slip my scissors in and cut the fold.
I restacked it neatly back and forth and once again pulled the 2 ends around and lined them up and started sewing them together.  At the end I clip the fold again.  Do this 3 more times and you are done.
I was too tired to press it last night but you can get an idea what it will look like.  There were a few places where the dotted spacers lined up with the previous row.  When I show the whole top tomorrow you will see where 3 lined up in one spot.
I took another photo of the arrangement on my wall while the sun was coming in the east window.  You can see the texture on the mirror frame better as well as the colors in the little art pieces.

2 more and a new project……

I made 2 more red mug rugs and then packaged them all for mailing to NC.  I drove to the post office and no double vision problems.  I hope that is an indication that the eye muscles have recovered totally.
Last night I started sewing the spacer squares onto all of the strips for my next Random Plank quilt.  I cut the Kaffe fabric strips into half or thirds and left about a third of them full length.  I sewed on 122 spacer squares so there are 123 individual strips/partial strips.  It took over 2 1/2 hours to get the spacer squares sewn on and the whole thing sewn into one big long strip.  Now I will proceed as in a Jelly Roll Race quilt and there will be 5 seams to finish it into a top.