Second August finish……..

The hand stitching on the binding was finished last night.  I really like this quilt.  There were 4 different blocks for the Fractured quilt in the book but I only used two of them and did an off center layout.

I love my backing fabric.

I have mentioned several times about cutting volunteer trees in my back yard.  This is the same spot 2 weeks apart.  Those are the suckers that grow up around a tree stump where a live tree was cut down.  There were as many as 30 on one of the stumps (neighbor’s trees) and a lot of them leaned into my yard.  They were anywhere from 5 to 10′ tall.  I cut all of the ones on my side of the stumps.  This photo just shows where 2 of the stumps are.  I cut many more to the left and right of the area in these photos.  I have 2 piles for brush pick up this week.


May Day…..

The last finish for April!!  I was just under the wire on this one finishing it at 10:15 last night.  It ended up at 59″ x 70″.   It was too late to get an April recap collage ready so I’ll post that tomorrow.

Here are the backing and binding fabrics.  I got the backing on sale and the binding is an old Hoffman print from somewhere in the early 1990s.  It has always been a favorite of mine and I think it looks great on the quilt.

In the backyard there was some sharing happening.  The squirrels are more tolerant of the bunnies this year.  There are some violets blooming in the backyard now.  The buds on the Redbud trees are getting fatter and pinker.

The bunny is blending into the background perfectly.  He needs a good brushing to get rid of the fur he is shedding.  I think they use that fur to cover the babies in the nest from what I have seen in the past.

Fractured block quilts………….

Side borders are added and now I think either they need to be trimmed a little narrower or the top and bottom need a narrow strip added.  I think I’ll trim the sides down a little.  I’m contemplating another border on this one.

The pinwheel top is sewn together and is big enough for a baby quilt without adding a border.  Just a bright binding is all it needs to finish it.

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My two friends and I had a fun day yesterday.  I got the two tops above sewn together and pulled all of the basting threads out of this quilt.  Last night I chose the binding fabric and cut the strips and then crashed.  It must have been all of the sugar we had yesterday, yummy cupcakes with the best frosting, and cookies.

The white cactus has three blooms and lots of buds.  You can see the sun was shining too, the shadow of my front bush on the blinds.

Still working on the borders………..

My test yesterday was to decide whether the pieces of the border should be random lengths or the same exact size as the blocks.  I only need to put borders on the sides since the top and bottom already have light fabric edges.  The test border on the left is OK, the one on the right is nice and tidy.  I think I’ll probably do the one on the right.

I have been complaining that the trees aren’t as pretty this year but since the heavy frosts several days in a row last week, we are now seeing color.  The maple tree across the street from me just turned brown and the leaves fell off.  It is usually really pretty.  This one 2 doors north is really pretty.

I have one maple in the back yard too and it just started to turn a couple days ago.  I think it will be even prettier in a couple days. 

Auditioning borders………..

I sewed the pieces together for this top yesterday and then it was time to audition side borders.  I pulled the 2 fabrics that I thought I might like.

I decided to try two more and then thought maybe I need to do a pieced border from several of the light fabrics.  I’ll play with that idea today.

Another top sewn together……….

I decided I wanted my design wall back so it was time to decide on a final layout and sew the top together.  I’m really happy with it now.  It was worth the time to rearrange the blocks.

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I had just enough energy left last night to get all of the pieces of the fractured spiral up on a design wall.  I think this is done and ready to sew together.  It is about 32″ x 44″ and could use a light border on the 2 sides to balance out the light border on the top and bottom.  Then it will be closer to 36″ x 44″, just about right for a baby quilt.

My granddaughter’s baby shower was an open house and lots of fun.  After 3 social days in a row though I’m ready for some quiet time.