Fun sewing…………

I wore a jacket while mowing my grass yesterday.  It was 47 degrees!  I also emptied 10 bags of dirt into my raised bed in the backyard.  Then I went inside where it was warm….the furnace running in mid-May.

Last night I decided to do some strip piecing for a 16 patch quilt.  I have hundreds of 2.5″ strips of batik cut so I just chose some summery looking colors and got 20 sets sewn.  That will be 40 blocks so I need to sew more.

I inventoried my Nancy Crow fabrics.  She designed for 3 different fabric companies back in the 1990s.  I want to cut for 2 quilts at a time so I will be thinking on this for a couple days.

I bought 2 hanging baskets for my back garden.  I forget what the flowers are called but the tag said hummingbirds like them. 

It is supposed to be warmer today so maybe I can get the rest of my pots planted.


17 thoughts on “Fun sewing…………

  1. I love those batiks! And the Nancy Crow fabrics are fantastic. You have such a great stash! I think that plant is a Gloxinia. They are very pretty and if they attract hummingbirds, then all the better.

  2. Those flowers look like torenia to me. They have done well in the shadier areas of my back yard in the years I have been able to find them, but they are not always easy to find here in PA. Enjoy!

  3. Can't wait to see the 16 patch blocks. I never saw those Nancy Crow fabrics. I wonder what you are going to make with them. It was cold here also, but I refused to put the furnace on. Thank goodness my seats are heated in my car- its only option.

  4. wow, Wanda. just wow. those batik strips brought tears to my eyes! … it's 46 down here in southern Illinois today too; down here the old-timers (self-styled!) call this “blackberry winter”: a cold snap after the blackberries have bloomed

  5. beautiful pieces of fabric! I woke up to 54 degrees here this morning – I had left some windows open during the night and had to shut them this morning and put my winter robe on and got a cup of coffee to warm up! crazy

  6. It is 48 degree right now. I slept under three quilts last night as I refuse to turn the heat on. It is hard to believe that not that long ago I had to turn on the A/C because it was in the 80s!

  7. Chilly here in the not-so-Sunny South this morning, too. I plan to work in the garden all day! I don't feed the hummingbirds because of ants; I never thought about hanging a plant to attract them. I guess it's back to the plant store ….

  8. Another chilly, gloomy day in our neck of the woods! I have never heard of the designer Nancy Crow, but love the fabric display you put on for us today. While they are all beautiful, I prefer the more intense colors of the top row. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the day.

  9. It's pouring rain here today which will make my new azalea plants and the weeds very happy. I'm going to work on my wall and FloMo all day. Ahhhh….

  10. We have pouring rain here today. Again. That is a pretty flower, but one of the plants that melts in our heat. I like your batik strip piecing. I need to do that, too. And sew binding. Isn't it good never to be without something fun to do!

  11. I had no idea Nancy Crow designed fabrics. That was obviously before I started paying attention to designers and origins of fabric and just bought off various bolts if I happened to like the particular print. I still do that, but I also pay attention to the selvage as well!
    They look great. Can't wait to see what they become!

  12. You're like an encyclopedia of fabrics! I only recognized about 6 of the Nancy Crows, but I also think I might have a couple you don't! Buried somewhere in the stash.

  13. I guess Nancy Crow designed before I was interested in making quilts, as I never heard of her before. Lovely inventory you have though. I thought those flowers looked like gloxinia, but I've never seen them grown around here, so I thought they were a tropical plant. Maybe these are a cousin of gloxinia, they seem a bit smaller, not as full or something. I think I've only seen gloxinia as indoor plants at Christmas time.

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