I spent a good part of December putting borders on quilt tops that had been waiting for their finish.  This is one more that needed a border.  It is the mini Soul Searching (from Kathy Doughty’s book).  I had the leftover 1.5″ wide strips in my main floor studio for over a month so yesterday was the day to tackle it.

This is one border of 3 rows added to the top of the piece.

Now I have both borders sewn on and this piece is about 42″ square.  Here is the post where I showed the whole top before the borders were added.

Now I have to decide which 2 other pieces to finish before the 20th (second 10 days in January).  Since the art quilters are coming Monday and my TAW class is Tuesday, I only have until the 18th.  Since there are 31 days in January maybe I can steal the extra day and tack it onto this group of 10.  Also fit in there cleaning the basement, baking 2 batches of cookies and sewing another strata for demonstration purposes, my great grandson’s baptism and first birthday party (for which I’m helping my granddaughter with the cupcakes).


11 thoughts on “Bordering…….

  1. Its always good to have a list of 'want tos'… kinda gives us a reminder…. when there are so many other 'fun' things that might make us wander from the straight and narrow!!!

  2. Love your new border and I know you will get more quilt tops done. Yesterday I sat down with sweet husband and told him “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. We had many things we needed to set some time lines and we did accomplish it. Guess we are alike in making our plans real.

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