The first blocks………and the first peony……

I needed some instant gratification last night so I sewed the first nine 16 patch blocks.

Here is the next batch ready to sew.

I was outside most of the day yesterday so I only sewed 2 more sets of strips together.

I planted my tomato plants in the raised bed and the whole time I could smell the lilacs at the other end of the house.  They are one of the Korean varieties so they are late and not especially pretty but very fragrant.

The first peony bloomed in the 70 degree weather with the sun shining.  What a difference from 47 degrees the day before.

I also planted 6 more pots with flowers.  Oh, and I mowed the back yard and side yard.  I think I got my fresh air and exercise yesterday.



12 thoughts on “The first blocks………and the first peony……

  1. I always start my morning reading your blog & I must admit, sometimes I get tired just reading how you have done all that gardening & sewing. You are a dynamo. Thanks for writing such an interesting blog. You are an inspiration.

  2. More beautiful 16 patched, just because? Love them, of course. I'm on vacation in Europe, which started off with a weekend in Washington, D.C., and now we're at the tail-end of a whirlwind week in the UK. I'll be so glad when I get to Denmark, where I'll visit my family and nor move around from one hotel to another every few days. I've brought some hand-piecing to do, and I really miss fiddling with fabric!

  3. I like the 16-patch blocks. When I get done with some other projects, I hope to have some leftovers to do something like that. I have a couple Korean lilacs, too. The one doesn't get as much sun as it should now, since the trees all around it have grown so much, but the other one grows nice in full sun. They are very fragrant. I bought them, because I was looking for Persian lilacs, which I couldn't find. I had a Persian lilac fragrance from Crabtree & Evelyn by that name and it was wonderful. Someday I will have peonies…someday.

  4. BTW, forgot to mention all my lilacs, including the Korean ones, bloomed weeks ago. We seem to be at the same latitude, so I'm surprised yours are just now blooming.

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