Finally a finish…………

I finally finished the hand stitching on the binding of this batik 16 patch quilt.  It is 62.5″ x 78.5″.

I love the pink and purple houndstooth check batik on the back.

Last night I got two of the first five half blocks sewn for my other quilt.


Old and new…….

One of my friends and I bought the Farm Girl Vintage book at the quilt show we went to a couple weeks ago.  We decided we would do 2 blocks each time we get together and we alternate who chooses the blocks.  I chose the first 2 blocks and my blocks are on the left, my friend’s on the right.

Later in the afternoon I started designing half blocks for my other quilt.  I started with the one on point and realized I needed to do them straight.  It is a lot harder to design a half block than a whole one.

Two substitute blocks…………

I sewed the two new blocks and removed two and put the new ones in.  I think I need to rearrange the blocks again.  My two friends are coming over today so they can give me the approval when I finally have a good arrangement.

Here are the two that came out.  They were too cold looking with all of the other warmer colors.  I can possible still use them for half blocks or the quarter block corners.

Binding started………….

I got the binding sewn onto the the batik 16 patch quilt and have 1/4 of the hand sewing done.

I designed 2 new blocks to replace 2 that I don’t like very much.  Now I need to work on the half blocks and quarter blocks so I can finish this one.

I took my daylight photo of Many Moons but I think I prefer the one I showed yesterday which shows how rich the colors really are.  The lavender walls are pale in the daytime, deeper toned at night too.

1/3 of the people who left comments yesterday were NO REPLY commenters.  If you didn’t hear back from me yesterday, you are one of them.  You can fix that by enabling your email address in your Blogger (Google) profile.

Many Moons……..

I didn’t get the hand sewing done until after dark so I will take another photo of Many Moons today with daylight.  I have an east exposure in this room so around noon is a good time for that.  The couch needs to move a couple inches to the right too.

When I went over to turn off the lamp on the left I thought this was a nice view of it too.  I’m glad I went with facings instead of binding.

Doing the hand sewing………….

I have the facings hand sewn on the “Many Moons” quilt.  Go here if you want more info on facings vs. binding.  I sewed the hanging sleeve onto the top facing before sewing it to the quilt.  Now I just need to sew down the bottom edge of the sleeve.  I hope I can show it hanging on the wall tomorrow.

It was a chilly day yesterday.  I picked all of the green tomatoes that were a decent size and wrapped them in newspaper to ripen.  Our first freeze warning was given last night.

Many Moons quilted………..

I wanted the quilting on “Many Moons” to look like wispy clouds floating by.

I hope it looks good hanging in my living room.  I trimmed it but haven’t cut the facing pieces yet.

I make sure there is water in the bird bath every day.  Birds are migrating through now and they need a drink and sometimes a bath.  We haven’t had rain for quite awhile so there isn’t any other source of water for them.  The robins stand there and drink for a long time and then some take a bath, some don’t.