Ditch quilting……..

I did errands on the way home from church yesterday and didn’t get lunch until 2 p.m.  Then I went out and cut down the Canna plants and dug up the bulbs.  It gets too cold here to leave them in the ground.  Last night I ditch quilted the colorwash wallhanging.  I used Invisifil thread, something like clear polyester only in colors.  I will choose a binding today and baste the next colorwash.

Speaking of colorwash, someone (a no reply commenter) asked if I couldn’t do the class as an online class.  The answer is no.  It isn’t a place this color here and that color there type project.  It is an original design by each person and they need consultation all through the project.  Photos don’t show the values like seeing them with the naked eye so emails back and forth with photos really doesn’t give a true evaluation.  I hope I will be able to continue teaching but I’m 3/4 of a century old and so far my eyesight is holding up.  I wish more of you lived closer so you could come to a 2 day workshop with me here in Sandwich IL. (Still trying for the first week in November).


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