Orange progress and quilting…..

I put the large design batik on the wall and then put the blocks I have made so far on top of it to see if I like it.  I’m going to have to look at this for a couple days.  I have enough strip piecing to make 2 blocks alike of each combination and I have about 6 more combinations to sew yet.
I looked through all of my regular quilting fabrics and only came up with 2 that might work with the batiks.  The rest of them had too much yellow or leaned too far toward red orange.
This is the next quilt in line for quilting.  You may recognize it as ‘my second favorite’ on my right side bar of the blog. 
I decided I wanted to quilt close lines with matching thread in each of the pieces.  I started out with dark rose thread and quilted all of the pieces of that color, then went to a green with a hint of blue and did all of those, then orange, and finally light pink.  I have a long way to go on this one.  I quilted for 2.5 hours while I watched TV and am about 1/4 of the way done.

Starting a new idea………..

Did anyone have a bet on how long it would be before I started a new project?  I had to squeeze one in.  I pressed a whole stack of orange batiks to get them ready to cut about a week ago.  I couldn’t wait any longer so I cut 2.5″ strips and I’m starting my orange quilt.  I want to do a series of one color quilts and did the yellow one a couple years ago.  This one will be 16 patches and a few plain squares from one of the larger patterned batiks.  I also cut some 1.5″ strips so there may be a few mini 16 patches thrown in too.  The design will develop as I work on it.
While I’m at it I cut a second strip to cut squares and rectangles for my trays.  This is the first group of 16 that I cut.  I laid them out like a colorwash and like it so well I might have to sew a couple blocks like this.

>Snow day………


I felt like I had a snow day, a free day, to do whatever I wanted to do yesterday.  Even though I really had to leave the house once, I treated the rest of the day as free without guilt.
So what did I do?  I have wanted to cut my blue fabrics for quite awhile but never could find the length of time I needed to accomplish it.  Another thing cancelled for Wednesday so I knew I had 3 free days to tackle this.  I started with my batiks and cut 6.5″ squares, 2.5″ strips and 4.5″ strips.
This is the variety I have cut so far.  I have cut up 19.5 yards.

This is the group I will start with tomorrow morning.
I had previously cut 68 purple batiks into squares and I will work on turquoise and green next.  Then I will start with the non-batiks.
I want to make several quilts out of just 6.5″ squares, or maybe I will add a few 9 patches or sawtooth stars in for a little interest.
I made this yellow quilt in 2009 and intended to make more like it in lots of other individual colors so I’m finally getting around to doing it.
It is a celebration of the fabrics more than anything else; no intricate pattern, just relaxing and fun.

>My Ray of Sunshine is finished……….
I put the last binding stitches in yesterday. I’m really happy with this simple quilt.
As I mentioned in an earlier post when I had finished the quilting, some rows are just wavy lines with loops here and there and the rest of the rows are leaves with an occasional flower.

This was the first flower I did and I thought about taking it out but decided to leave it.

This is the second flower and it was considerably better. I showed the third flower a few days ago and it was the best one.

I also got this one quilted this week, just simple large meandering. It is one that will be used and washed and used some more so I didn’t think I needed any fancier quilting than that. Meandering gives an all over even pucker and the quilt stays soft too. Too much quilting makes a stiff quilt.

I still need to do the binding on it but I wanted to see how it looked on a queen size bed without a dust ruffle. It is unlikely that it will end up in a sunshine yellow room but that is the only place I have that size bed.

>Busy as a beaver………….
I finally had a good sewing day. I didn’t work in the gardens at all except for a quick half hour of weed pulling. I got the quilting done on the yellow quilt. I think there are 3 flowers. I’d have to go back down in the basement to check……..maybe some other time.
There are lots of wavy lines with a loop now and then…….and some leaves in the same row of squares as the flowers.

If you click on the picture you can see some rows are just wavy lines and some are leaves and flowers. I will get it trimmed today and pick a binding fabric.

This Trip Around the World has been waiting forever for a border so finally I got that done. It is 91″ x 110″ now.

Once again the camera says blue but it is really a blue violet. You can see the whole quilt before the border was added here.
I am going to be teaching the Strips ‘n Curves class this month at our local quilt shop so today I will chose strips to make a strata from. I will need a quilt in progress for demonstration purposes and I only have a week to get ready for it.

>The top is sewn together………..

>It measures 66″ x 78″ which is a large throw size. Since a twin mattress is 75″ long this wouldn’t qualify as a twin quilt. I could add borders. The fabric to the left of the top is the backing fabric. I bought it on sale for less than $5 a yard on one of equilter’s good sales in March. I knew I was going to make a yellow quilt some day.
Here is one fabric I tried for a border. It is more orange than gold and has a painterly look like a batik but it is not a batik.

I am undecided whether it needs a border right now.

While I was cutting the squares for the quilt top I also cut 1.5″, 2″ and 2.5″ strips. Altogether I cut up 12 yards of fabric. Now the yellows fit on the shelf better.

I also cut the selvage off each 17″ length before I cut the squares and strips. The short pieces are mostly selvages without words or color dots that were left after cutting the 6.5″ squares from a strip.

Fireworks are illegal in IL but you would never know if from all the noise coming from back yards. A couple booms were extremely loud like I imagine that dynamite would sound like. I just don’t see what the thrill is making all of that noise. I sound like a little old lady don’t I?

>This is my 822nd post and my 2nd Blogiversary……….

>Two years ago today I started my blog. I wasn’t sure I would want to do it but I wanted a way to document my creative endeavors as well as the progress in my flower gardens. I have found it to be so fulfilling to be in touch with so many people with common interests. Thank you readers for all of your emails and comments so we could have conversations.

I decided to go for instant gratification on my yellow quilt. I cut 6.5″ squares and divided them into lighter and darker values.
I laid them out on the lids from a couple of my big bins and put them on the wall in the same order each time. I had one extra light so I have put it in now and then instead of the one that would have been there. I was hoping for a kind of checkerboard look but there weren’t enough value changes for that to work.

I have a few more rows to go but it was time for bed at midnight.