New project…………

I ran errands, then came home and started this colorwash on a double design wall (7′ tall) yesterday morning.  I went out to lunch with a friend and then mowed part of my grass.  Since the grass was tall the battery in the mower stopped before I could finish in front of my house.

Later in the afternoon I mowed a second section of the grass and then came in and worked another hour on this piece.

I also found the box with more of the brown fabrics for the double 4 patch so I can cut some more 4.5″ squares and sew more blocks today.

I had planted the cannas a couple weeks ago and there were only 2 peeking out of the ground a couple days ago.  Now with all of the rain I can see all 5 coming up.  This is just one of them.

Some lilies are blooming.

This is some ordinary Verbena compared with yesterday’s photo of the Wicked Verbena.  I really like it in the pots.


10 thoughts on “New project…………

  1. The colorwash is looking good! My canna are still in a bucket in the garage. They could be dried out and dead for all I know. Maybe I will try to get them in the ground tonight.

  2. I love the verbena in your pots, I have never used them but think I might now, very colorful. I was looking at an old quilt magazine and the cover was a color wash quilt, very similar to the ones you do so well. I am ready to make my first, just need to get so many things done first.

  3. We have had so much rain in May and June that the forest and the deep woods seem to be all kinds of green. Now that the temps are rising, the wildflowers are in full array. Walking through the woods this morning, the smells were unbelievable. Delicious! I have stopped quilting for the moment and am working on a couple of sundresses. But, back to it in a week or so. I think I am going to try my hand at my first landscape art quilt. Who wouldn't with all the different colors within my eyesight?

  4. Wish we had rain here in California. My flowers aren't doing so well. I enjoy seeing your!!
    I can see you answered my post and that batiks are beautiful as a color wash background. I can't wait to get started on mine. You inspire my creative mind.

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