This squirrel didn’t mind getting his furry tail wet in the tall grass.  It rained off and on yesterday with a quick stronger storm coming through around 6 p.m.

After the art quilters left I went out to check my gardens.  The milkweed is tall and ready to bloom.  I haven’t seen any Monarch Butterflies yet.

I had to look at the tag and see what I had planted in this pot.  That is “Wicked Verbena” and snapdragons.

Here is a closeup of the “Wicked Verbena”.  

This is a reminder one more time for the commenters: if you don’t hear back from me when you ask a question you are a no reply.  I have an email link on the right side bar and another in my profile.


11 thoughts on “Garden………..

  1. I have milkweed that got in one of my perennial beds, courtesy of the birds I'm sure, that stuff gets runners and takes over. You'll want to keep an eye on it.

  2. Love to see what is growing and blooming in your yard. I can't stand to work outside in the high humidity we have been having so my gardens are suffering. Last night it poured about 8 p.m. and then at 3 a.m. the skies let loose again. It looks like it we will still be getting more rain over the next few days. At least it will be easier to dig out the weeds!

  3. What a pretty plant! We have gotten our share of rain too. Had 2 1/1 inches yesterday. Haven't checked the gauge yet this morning but we have had a heavy downpour around 6:30 this morning. I will check it when I leave around 11 to babysit grandson.

  4. My husband planted eight milkweed plants in his prairie rain garden yesterday. When he stood back to look, a monarch fluttered around him a few times, up through the garden then back around him again. I think they were saying thank you! Lots of rain here too…Madison, WI

  5. Lovely garden colours, and nature shows us what combinations work so well, no matter what we think with fabrics, look at that mauve, white, yellow, crimson and many shades of green. The verbena is stunning.

  6. I've got fennel for the monarchs and have had caterpillars on them the past two years but they stick out like a sore thumb and pretty sure they get snagged by birds! 😦 Haven't found a cocoon yet. Love the verbena–so pretty!!

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