Double 4 patch blocks…….

To finish cleaning off one cutting table I had to cut the big squares for 8 more combinations.  Then I could put the fabrics back on the shelf.  I sewed two of each combination last night and will finish sewing the other 2 of each tonight.

We had rain several times yesterday and lots of sunshine in between.  I dug up 2 more hostas for a friend who is coming by today.


11 thoughts on “Double 4 patch blocks…….

  1. That's always on of my favourites. The little squares are so eye appealing. I envy you your group of quilters. I recently joined SAQA and went on an Atlantic retreat which we will do every 18 months.
    It's welcome quilting time when we get rain!

  2. A very calming quilt and color combo!!! We've had a bit of rain here too, and it is welcomed when it arrives… because it really breaks the humidity.

  3. When I clicked on the quilt photo and it enlarged with no white space around it, I could see the colors better and the differences. I could really appreciate the browns better and it looked exciting then.

  4. I so enjoyed your photo's of your daughters farm… OMG all is so beautiful. They have really taken on a wonderful farm from fish to sharing their pastures with those beautiful Alpaca's not to mention the horses. I did not know they bought trout farm when they moved back to the states. Please keep me informed as to when that segment on their farm will be aired. Or has it already been shown ?

    BTW…love the rich colors in your double 4-patch. The brown hues always tug at my heart strings.


  5. I just taught this block/quilt in a class about 2 months ago. It had a different border that you might find interesting-that is, if you haven't already done it. Love your version.

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