Geese and alpacas………..

I spent most of the day cleaning the basement and I had many piles of fabric to put away.  The art quilters are coming Monday so I’ll be spending all day today down there cleaning off tables and design walls and dusting.

 In NC at the farm there was a demonstration of alpaca shearing.  I didn’t get a before photo unfortunately.

Here is the after photo, a much thinner animal.  There were 5 alpacas grazing at the farm for a week.

Here is a photo my son in law took before I arrived in NC.  I didn’t realize they came in so many different colors. 


12 thoughts on “Geese and alpacas………..

  1. Animals have different colors to them. Just like we are different colored hair. Some are more prized then others. You geese are very colorful. Can't wait to see where they go. Chris

  2. Now…THAT is an interesting title!!!! The geese look awesome. I can't wait to see them come together.

    I am always surprised by how tiny an animal looks after shearing. It's too bad there isn't a human shearing for the same results! LOL

  3. They are lovely looking when the fleece is thick, but shorn…not so pretty at all. Quite tame, and the fleece is much desired by spinners, knitters and weavers down here in NZ. It is felted into hats, and slippers as warm.

  4. These geese are going to be amazing! I love all of the different fabrics, and flying geese are some of my favorite units to make! Which method do you use to make them? I have always wanted a farm with alpaca! Perhaps your daughter and son in law could use a farm hand? LOL

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