Looking for matching fabrics….

As I search for the fabrics matching the sewn strips so I can cut the 4.5″ squares I’m thinking that maybe I was going to make some 16 patches to mix into the quilt.  If I don’t find any more matching fabrics I’ll just go to the stash and cut more fabric.

This is at the waiting area for our gate at the Asheville NC airport.  I don’t think we’ll ever see rocking chairs at the Chicago airports.

I have the yellow primroses in all of my gardens and they are all blooming now.  

The flowers in the pots are filling in too.

The tomato plants grew a lot in the 3 hot days I was gone.  Now it has cooled down a little and we got some rain.

I need to download the photos from my phone and then I can show you the alpacas.


8 thoughts on “Looking for matching fabrics….

  1. love those rocking chairs – it seems like some of the smaller airports design lounge areas of comfort that are rather unique – the Madison WI airport has loungers and couches in several areas with foot stools – it was so comfy compared to any other airport I have been in – Chicago airport on the other hand LOL – I was there for awhile and was wishing I had a lounger from Madison back in March when I was there.

  2. What a great idea to have rocking chairs in the waiting area! At least you would feel like you're moving. Your flowers look wonderful. And an abundant stash of fabric is a joy forever (at least as long as it is organized!). Isn't it fun to change plans mid-project and know you have the means necessary to make it work!

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