Progress on doouble 4 patch………

I have a few more blocks done and several more in progress.  I definitely need to move it over by the other lights because it is prettier than this photo.

This is the front jungle after the rain.  There are Hosta, Primroses, Balloon flowers (not blooming yet), Tiger Lilies (not blooming yet) Red Penstemon, and Wild Geranium plus 2 bushes.  I will dig out a bunch of the Primroses when they are done blooming.  They spread a little more each year.


10 thoughts on “Progress on doouble 4 patch………

  1. I think it looks pretty already! You will be cooler this week than down here! Telling us 90's most of the week… and of course humidity will be high too, I think.

  2. Great texture in your double 4-patch. Yesterday morning was cool, dry, and a little breezy, perfect for a few hours of weeding. Heading out to do more this morning.

  3. The double 4 patch is coming along nicely! My flower beds are a jungle too. I have got to get out there and weed, but with the wedding quilt to finish it is hard for me to spend the time weeding when I need to be quilting!

  4. I really like this double 4 patch now that more of it is put together. The colors you have chosen are perfect! It kind of grows on you. Do you think this could be made using coordinating 2 1/2″ strips? Perhaps not since you have used solid squares in your blocks. Thanks so much for sharing this new project.

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