Yesterday morning I had a visit from a reader of my blog and her daughter.  It was like we were old friends and have always known each other.  It was definitely the highlight of my day.  They used to live in this area but we never met during that time.  I showed them both studios and nooks and crannies plus a lot of quilts. 

After they left I decided I needed to check out some of my unlabeled boxes on the shelf units.  In this one I found lots of 6.5″ batik squares.  There are 4 alike of each in the back 2 rows and 2 each on the pile on the right front.  Maybe another simple fast quilt is in my future.

On Friday I had pulled out the 4 patches I made probably at least a year ago.  I have more strips all sewn together ready to cut for more of them.  This will probably be my night sewing project for awhile.


9 thoughts on “Searching……

  1. I have done the same thing. Sewn stuff to a certain stage and put it away. Amazing wht we can find if we look hard enough. I have and entire top drawer or a chest of drawers with things like yours. Have fun wih it. Chris

  2. What are the sizes of the 4 patch? I looked back at previous posts, but I don't recall seeing any dimensions. Are these made from the 4.5 strips that you had?

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