I spent about 4 hours yesterday sorting all of the rectangles and putting together kits.  I wanted to keep one of each fabric for myself and sell all of the rest.  I should have it all organized to offer by tomorrow.

I took a break in the afternoon to go outside and take photos.  The Red Penstemon is just starting to bloom.

The plants in the pots by the garage are finally starting to grow and fill in.

This hosta is in a pot on my porch.  I love the 3 colors on the leaves, 2 shades of green and some blue.


6 thoughts on “Sorting………….

  1. OOOW, I've never seen penstemon that color before. I have basic wild red ones that grow as high as my roof just outside my sewing room window – I watch the hummers working over the plants, along with the finches and sparrows who eat the centers from the flowers and drop the petals all over. Yesterday a hummer was peering in my window because I had some bright pink fabric on the sewing machine table.

  2. Your plants are looking so healthy – do you feed them at all? I can see you have some Lobelia in with your Geraniums. What is the spikey leaf at the front – looks li mint?

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