More rows….

I helped a friend baste a quilt yesterday morning.  Then I planted some Canna bulbs and dug out some big weeds in the back garden.  I mowed the front yard until the battery ran out.  Then I worked on the colorwash.  I only changed one piece in the yellow/gold area and worked on adding rows.  I added 2 rows to the bottom and one to the top.  Now I need to get out the trays of squares and fill in the holes.  After that I will tweak the flow of values.  I can see several trouble areas in the photo that I couldn’t see while staring at the design wall.


8 thoughts on “More rows….

  1. It is just striking…..watching you work on this is giving me the itch to do one! I enjoy the tweaking stage. Absolutely the computer is a great tool for seeing any problem area. Up close I see a couple….from a distance only one! enjoy the process.

  2. You had a busy day! I need to plant my canna also. I ran into a neighbor last evening on my walk and she asked me for a few canna rhizomes. I usually give her a few every year because she does not like to dig them up in the fall.

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