A few more pieces……

Yesterday my cousins and I got together for lunch to celebrate one cousin’s birthday.  When I got home I dug up a couple more hostas that were too big for the area they were in.  I pulled off the babies and returned the main plant to the original spot.

Last night I finally made it to the basement to fill in the last few spots.  A couple of the fabrics aren’t working very well so I’ll look for replacements.  I may add another row top and bottom too and then fill in with squares.

I have received lots of comments from no reply people lately.  I thank you for your comments but I can’t reply to you.  Don’t think I’m ignoring you or unappreciative, I just don’t have a link to get back to you.


11 thoughts on “A few more pieces……

  1. I have just discovered your blog (don't even remember how I stumbled upon this) and I love your work. Making a watercolor quilt has always been on my list of “to do's” but your process looks so much more inviting. I have a lot of batik fabrics that need to be used up – I just may get started on this process…thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Your beautiful quilts are an inspiration to me and I am trying to follow with some bright and colourful pieces – I look forward to what you are doing every day and the progress on each quilt.
    Thanks for my shot of colour – it makes me feel that my love of colour is right on the mark.
    Beth A

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