More blocks, garden work……

I made 4 more light blocks for a total of 36 so far.  I have another of each of these combinations to sew so there will be 72, 8 blocks x 9 or 64″ x 72″.  If I do 4 more combinations I will have 80 blocks or 64″ x 80″.  I did a tutorial in July 2013 for the 16 patch quilt.  If they are all in the same position (all with light in the top left corner) the seams will go in opposing directions at every intersection with my directions.

I needed to tackle this flower bed yesterday.  The day lilies have crept forward again and were crowding out the hostas.

Here is the after photo.  My sister in law gave me some bleeding heart plants so they are way over to the left along with a coral bell.  I can see my rock edge again.

I dug out the hostas and reset them with a little different spacing.  They broke into many sections as I dug and this is the leftovers.  I tried to offer them on Freecycle but my posts are held up by a moderator that must not be home.  I offered the day lilies and hostas.  I hope she/he does the moderating today so it will be posted.


6 thoughts on “More blocks, garden work……

  1. My daughter was just telling me about the existence of sites like Freecycle. How wonderful for you to know and participate! I hope those host as get to a good home!

  2. I would take the hostas too LOL – too far to go. I need to take care of my beds this fall or as I can this summer – but most plants should be done in spring or fall not middle of summer – I will see what I manage but I have a lot of plants to deal with.
    Love the colors of your quilt on the wall

  3. I just love your 16 patch.
    I made one last year and when my oldest grandson moved to Canada for a year, I gave it to him. His girlfriend was thrilled 🙂

  4. Also sewing and weeding here. Try posting a notice at your local library if you don't hear back on Freecycle. I've stuck things in brown paper sacks, and they keep for weeks until I re-home them.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  5. I'd love some of your hosta's – I only have one but it does flower. My local Freegle site (used to be Freecycle) never has any small plants shared – usually big bushy ones 🙂

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