A day off……..

Even though I had made a list of quilts to work on when I finished the triangle quilt I just couldn’t get inspired to work on any of them yesterday.  I was outside moving bags of topsoil and building a raised bed for my tomato plants instead.  This photo is the blooms on my Viburnum bush.  Only one branch has blossoms and it is a big bush.

I have a little patch of Spiderwort.

 A second Weigela bush is blooming.  I cut this one back severely last fall.

I have Red Penstemon in 3 places.  It is such a nice contrast of color with the other plants.

A friend gave me some ferns last year and they are doing well.

The larger patch of dark Jack-in-the-Pulpit is all in bloom.

The lighter color Jacks are also in bloom.  This patch has about 10 plants.

My two friends are coming over today to sew so I will be inspired to get started on something.


11 thoughts on “A day off……..

  1. It is always fun to see what is growing in the gardens. I must get out and do some weeding! It is at least a bit cooler here today. It has been so hot for May!

  2. I need to work in the yard today. We have gotten so much rain in the last few weeks there are small areas holding water in the yard. We've done square foot gardening over 40 years now (raised bed) and love it.

  3. Love all your plants Wanda. We arrived home late afternoon on Sunday and yesterday I had to rest up from our vacation. lol My bearded iris plants are beginning to bloom and I wish they would last longer since they are so beautiful. Have fun today with your friends and enjoy the day.

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