This has been my project the last couple days.  All of my pots were old and faded.  I bought spray paint for plastic on sale last month.  First I had to get down on my hands and knees and scrub all of them before I could paint them.  Then one of the cans decided to stop spraying before I could finish them.  I bought another can of the same color and finished up yesterday.  For the price of one new large pot I freshened up 16 pots.  Now I have to fill them….starting today.

My blue Columbine are blooming.  I have 2 plants of this color now.

Here is a close up.  This is the common variety, nothing fancy, just pretty.

The pale pink Columbines are also in bloom.  These and the blue ones have both gotten so tall this year.

Another variety of Cranesbill is blooming too.  

I finished sewing all of the pieces for the triangle quilt and sewed all of the vertical seams.  I started sewing the 96″ seams and have 3 more to go for a finish.  I hope to have the finished top on my blog Monday.


10 thoughts on “Outside……….

  1. your pots look perfect – I hope you are not getting as much rain as we are – I wish I had all of my yard on a high slopes and no low laying areas so all the rain would drain off! Have fun planting the pots full of beautiful plants

  2. I use an old sheet of plywood with plastic stapled to it on top of two plastic sawhorses outside to wash pots and plant them. If I had to be on my hands and knees like that, I would be in terrible neck/shoulder pain! Can't wait to see the triangle quilt sewn! Just love the columbine, they are so ornate, yet simply elegant.

  3. I love how you know plant/flower names and how much you appreciate them. The Columbines are beautiful. I've always been captivated by blue flowers in particular. It will be fun to see the triangle quilt all finished!


  4. Looking forward to seeing what you put into all those empty tubs. Here's a tip about spray paint – if it doesn't come out then turn the can upside down and try again – sometimes that clears the spray hole. I have been know to pull off the end and clean it with a pin. Your garden is looking very green now and I love the purple/blue flowers 🙂

  5. My flower garden is just outstanding, nothing in pots at the main house, but here at the river cottage, I have several in pots. It gets so hot here in summer, the pots have to be watched as they dry out so quickly. I love the colors of your new pots. Waiting for that triangle quilt…..

  6. Your pots look GREAT! I did that this year too! I started with a metallic because I was painting old metal pots but morphed into purple and green and they look wonderful! THIS is true 'recycling'!

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