A little more

I had lots of other projects yesterday and only worked on this project at night.  I sewed all of the triangles that I could and then looked for the last 4 fabrics.  I think these are the ones I’ll use however the bottom 2 will be reversed in order.  I’ll check again this morning to be sure they are the right ones and then I’ll start cutting.

For people who are just beginning to visit my blog and asking about the pattern (no reply people) here is the post where I showed my inspiration and mention the pattern.  You can also click on “quilts made with triangles” on my label list and go back through the posts to see the progress of the project.

I scrubbed my outside pots yesterday afternoon and started spray painting them.  I hope to do some planting in the pots and also finish spraying the last batch.


5 thoughts on “A little more

  1. Thanks for the link to your original post. I can now see that your color plan is similar to a Blooming 9-Patch where the 9-patches share the colors of adjacent squares.

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