Almost done……..

I filled in the last spot with a red that is more of a burgundy.  Click on the photo for a closer view.  I have 10 more fabrics to choose to make the half blocks on the right edge.  I will probably start sewing columns together today so I can make room for the last pieces on the wall.

I finished knitting a dishcloth and decided to knit 2 coasters to go with it and use up the rest of the yarn.  I have made some of these coasters for myself because I usually have a glass with an iced drink sitting on my kitchen counter.  I hate wet rings on the counter.


7 thoughts on “Almost done……..

  1. The quilt top looks great. Good call on the red.

    I had thought about knitting some coasters also. Although I had never seen anyone do it before. Ha ha. Great minds as my Granny would have said.

  2. This quilt is more expressive with each additional block added!! I just love the fabrics you are using. I need to get my Fassett fabrics out to use. They used to be hard to find & more expensive (but now are the same prices as regular cottons)!!

  3. this is a gorgeous quilt for sure. those dishcloths are fun. I got some years ago from an Aunt and once I found a pattern to make them that is all I use now. love them!

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