Planting time……..

I went to a one day sale for plants on Saturday.  I got tomato plants and flowers for my many pots.  I’m going to dig up some of my periwinkle vinca to use in the pots too.


Before I can plant the flowers though I have to scrub all of my very old plastic pots because I’m going to spray paint them.  I have church sewing circle this afternoon if the storms aren’t bad.  Tomorrow is soon enough to start scrubbing.


5 thoughts on “Planting time……..

  1. I love Geraniums. I have at least 10 wall planters and many floor ones. I usually buy some Geranium's, Petunia's, Bizzy Lizzy, Pansies and Fuchsia's. Fuchsia's are my favourite garden plant and I have one that regrows to about 8 foot every year. I used to have about 14 different fuchsia's but some have died off. I always like to see how your garden is coming along.

  2. Good for you. I think gardening and quilting go well together in general, but I'm decidedly not a gardener. I don't do it at all. I cannot stand to be outside much at all when its hot and humid, and if I have to actually get involved with some physical work, I'm bound to get a migraine head ache. I overheat so easily it's almost ridiculous. I think maybe the internal temperature regulator in my head/brain was damaged when I had the brain aneurysm/surgery. If that's even a possibility. At any rate, that's what happens to me, so naturally, I can't enjoy gardening at all. Maybe if I'd still lived in a cold climate? But that's beside the point as I don't.

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