Happy Mother’s Day!……….

Happy Mother’s Day to my US friends!

I decided to treat myself for Mother’s Day.  I got a few quarter yards of Liberty Tana Lawn fabric to round out my stash.  I’m hoping to make a decision soon on what quilt I will use it in.  

This is the last time I will mention this.  Monday is the last day to vote.
My blog is up for the best all around quilting blog in the National Quilters Circle Blogger Awards.  If you want to vote for my blog, go here. I will be repeating this info each day through the voting period.  If you have already voted for my blog – thank you! 


14 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!……….

  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! The dark fabrics look real luscious. Since we don't have that fabric around here, is lawn fabric different than regular cotton fabric? Just fabulous colors and designs.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Wanda….Such gorgeous fabric. Gifts to self are sometimes the best ones. That way you get exactly what you want most. Will find out today if my wishes come true, and will let you know tomorrow. Enjoy the day with your family.

  3. That's some of the prettiest Liberty fabric I've ever seen. The first time I visited London after becoming a quilter, I dutifully went to Liberty, but I was actually disappointed in the fabric selection! The cottons all seemed to be calico like and the colors so muted, washed out, and not bright enough for me. So I've been to London twice since then without stopping in on Liberty. Which, of course, has saved me some money!

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