Back to the quilting……….

I am getting back to the quilting on this little quilt. I have the pink area, red area and the white at the bottom left still needing quilting.  I started pulling out some basting threads last night too.

I went out to lunch with friends yesterday and when I got home I was looking through piles.  I had found this photo a couple weeks ago, a king size trip around the world quilt top that I sold at the Houston festival in 1996.  I was working at the Quilting Books Unlimited booth that year.  Yesterday I found a leftover loop from the strata for that quilt.  

The Pulmonaria also known as Lungwort has really taken over this section of the garden.  I love the speckled leaves.  Lily of the Valley and Violets are mixed in – nature’s plan, not mine.

I picked a small bouquet while I was out in the back yard on Wednesday.  

Today again I am going to mention this:
My blog is up for the best all around quilting blog in the National Quilters Circle Blogger Awards.  If you want to vote for my blog, go here. I will be repeating this info each day through the voting period.  If you have already voted for my blog – thank you! 



8 thoughts on “Back to the quilting……….

  1. I have voted. I love the blog and how prolific you are. Every morning I start my day by checking your blog.
    Sparks, NV.

  2. We have that variety of daffodil too, it is among the last to bloom for us. Such a pretty orange rim, and very pretty in your small red pitcher.

  3. Somehow I missed this email the day it arrived! The quilt at the top, and another one like it you made, are still some of my favorites. One of these days!

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