More triangles……..

I sewed a lot of triangle units the last couple days and finally got them all up on the design wall.  I need to choose fabrics at the bottom and top before I can go much farther.  I think I’m going to move the red top edge blocks.

It got pretty hot yesterday and I wanted to mow the grass but it was wet until almost noon.  I finally went out around 4 and did it.  I noticed some more blooming while I was out there.  The Lily of the Valley has totally invaded one section of my shade garden and they are just starting to bloom.  Also a little Creeping Charlie is in there.

Some of the Jack in the Pulpit are blooming, others are just peeking out of the ground.  This is the darker version.

The top of this one is green.  There is another big patch of the ones like this.

The earliest Cranesbill is full of blooms now.  I also have white ones and fuchsia ones that are just setting buds.


10 thoughts on “More triangles……..

  1. love the colors of that quilt you are working on. It is going to be spectacular.
    It is always so much fun to watch the plants growing in and flowering although some last a short time it is always nice to see them.

  2. I just voted for you, not because you asked us to, but because you really are the best. I love looking at all the colors you love to quilt with. It's very motivating and inspiring. Love your blog.

  3. I didn't know I could vote more than once, so I tried again. It allowed me to vote and I didn't see anywhere that only one vote is allowed, so I shall click on your link every day 🙂 (today's *I'm not a robot* was a delicious looking birthday cake)

  4. I LOVE lily of the valley. When I was growing up in Denmark some 45 years ago, we had some in my parents big wild back yard. I don't think I've seen any since!
    It seems to me this triangle quilt might be taking you longer than any other quilt you've worked on since I've followed your blog! I'm not trying to say I think it's taking too long, I wouldn't ever be able to make anything but a tiny wall hanging using this pattern – and, of course, the pattern doesn't lend itself at all to a small quilt – I'm just commenting on the fact that you usually, it seems, swinish things much more quickly. But I might be mistaken? It's going to be glorious. Do you know how big it'll be?

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