A visitor…………..

Kevin the Quilter was in my area yesterday morning and he took time out of his drive home to stop and meet me.  He had his famous quilt “Radar” with him so I got to see it.  I have to say that it is SO MUCH more beautiful in person than in a photo.  The color are rich and intense and he did a beautiful job of piecing it.  His friend Ann did a spectacular job quilting it.  What a treat it was to meet Kevin and “Radar”.

Would you believe this is my first selfie?  Luckily Kevin has long arms.  I don’t think I could hold the phone far enough away.

Behind us is one of my shelf units of fabric. I had fun giving him the grand tour through my 2 studio areas. 


30 thoughts on “A visitor…………..

  1. Voted first day for you! You have enriched my life over the years consistently. I saw Radar in Paducah and was awed. The only thing at Paducah is the bars were not high enough so the last 6-10 inches were on the floor. This makes it hard to see the whole quilt together as one. My one criticism of the Paducah Show. Missed meeting Kevin there.

  2. Good morning Wanda…What great photos, and what a magnificent quilt! You must be so proud of the fact that he phoned you and set up a
    visit. I have never heard of him but will check out his blog and probably add it to my list.

    I have been voting for you since it first opened!

  3. Oh – can I vote every day? I'm off to vote again, then! I had no idea. Never heard of Kevin or Radar before. I guess I live a sheltered life, but that is ONE BIG QUILT. All quilts look better in person. I believe what you said about selfies – and everything else you write! – I never take selfies either, though I might have appeared in one or two taken by friends. And a long arm is a definite asset! I have been in a number of pics, though, taken the old fashioned way with a self timer and a camera. IMHO the selfie craze is getting a bit out of hand!
    I would love a tour of your studio, however!

  4. I'm so happy you had the chance to meet Kevin and see Radar. Isn't Kevin great? (And yes, he always takes a good pic) I really enjoyed quilting Radar, it was a fun challenge, I'm glad everyone likes him. I hope to collaborate with Kevin again in the near future.
    Happy Quilting,
    Attic Threads & Quilts

  5. Wow. Love the Radar Quilt.
    You have my votes for best blog. Yours was one of the first blogs I found and you are top of my “favorites” on Feedly.

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