Backing fabric chosen………..

A couple months ago I chose this backing (on the left) for the stars and 16 patch quilt.  It is an old Philip Jacobs fabric.  Now it is time to quilt this one and the last flannel quilt top finished about a month ago.  I’m hoping for at least 4 finishes in May.

Added at 8 a.m.: As mentioned in a couple comments this morning, my blog is up for the best all around quilting blog in the National Quilter’s Circle Awards.  If you want to vote for my blog, go here.


16 thoughts on “Backing fabric chosen………..

  1. And I just saw where your blog was nominated for best overall for the National Quilter's Circle awards. I voted and say congrats! You never even mentioned it.

  2. I love love that backing fabric ! Such a good choice for it too. I didn't know you were up for best blogger, have no clue where to go to vote but I will have a looksee.

  3. So glad you told me you were on the list to win blogger's award. I immediately went to vote, and it worked out so well got me. There was one, and only one, I wanted to vote for in each category! So I did, and didn't have to feel badly for anybody. Of course, I voted for you, and you would've been my top choice regardless! Good luck with it and with getting the number of finishes you want this month. You're starting early, so I'm sure you'll make it!

  4. I like your blog the best because it is not just full of stuff you are trying to sell. And you are very concise, something other bloggers could learn from you. 🙂

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