Triangle quilt progress report….

Most of the progress on this quilt has been the decisions of which fabric will appear next and in what order.  I think I have only sewn a few triangles since I showed it last time.  There will be one more row of squares beyond that yellow/orange print.  This photo will be my blueprint for putting it back up on the wall.  It needs to come down while the art quilters are here tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Triangle quilt progress report….

  1. I agree, it shimmers! That is the perfect word. I just can't believe the refractive qualities of this quilt! You have the most amazing eye for color placement. I know I've probably said this about other quilts before but, honestly, this one might just have to stay my favorite! Glad to see you out enjoying the sun have a lot of fun with your art quilters!

  2. Do you roll up your design wall when you take it down? Or, do you have to reassemble the whole thing? I have never done anything this elaborate, but I know how hard it is to get it all back the way it was. Even with a photo I can hardly do it exactly right. Good luck. This is so beautiful.

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