April recap……….

I will start with the finished quilts, one 40″ wallhanging and a big quilt around 78″ x 98″.  I haven’t measured it since I quilted it. 

I finished two quilt tops and sold the one on the left.  I’ll take another photo of the snowball quilt top in a few days on the wall that has better lighting.

I knitted 3 dishcloths.  Also I did a stack of preemie layette pieces for my church sewing circle project.

The bonus this month is the clean house, thanks to doing a little each day for a week before I hosted a bridal shower here.  It was a good month.


8 thoughts on “April recap……….

  1. Good morning Wanda…Sometimes we all need a scheduled gathering at our home to really give us that giant push to clean the house! I know, I certainly do. Who wants to clean when one could be down in the basement sewing up a storm, and enjoying it as well.

    Great finishes, especially the snowball quilt! Saw the Orthopedic doctor yesterday, and am being scheduled for an MRI of my shoulder and arm. Enjoy the day.

  2. Great finishes, Wanda. I love them all. I am finally knitting my first dishcloth like those you make. My first one will have a narrower border though-oops.

  3. I wish I had you energy. You, indeed, had a very productive month and a clean home and garden also. Good Job and now onto May. Happy May Day!!!

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