Binding time……..

Since there are so many colors in this quilt I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use for a binding.  In the end I chose a purple because purple really goes with everything.

I also cut the binding for the African 16 patch wallhanging.  I got it sewn on and have 1 2/3 sides hand stitched.

I picked my bouquet of tulips.  i decided two of the yellow ones were newer blooms and included them.


14 thoughts on “Binding time……..

  1. You know, I heard it said once that a yellow flower in a bouquet helps the other colors all go together. In this case they certainly look lovely! I also like a spot of yellow in my scrappy quilts, for that same reason. And you are correct, purple goes with everything! I'm about to paint our bedroom a soft pale blue-purple.

  2. Well, I learned something again: purple goes with everything ! Thanks for the hint, I never ever would have thought that. Your tulips are lovely. Saw color in a neighbor's yard this morning and on investigating his yard found a large Bleeding Heart plant in full bloom with large pink flowers. Spring is lovely, isn't it?

  3. Tulips are my favorite flower. We don't get to enjoy them here in Florida. I put a penny or two in the water, as I think it keeps them closed a little longer. Beautiful flowers.

  4. I love that: “purple really goes with everything.” That's sort of like Freddy Moran, who says that “red is a neutral.” All of which reminds me of a quote frequently attributed to Andy Warhol, but really, I think, belonging to philosopher Marshal McLuhan, “art is anything you can get away with.” And you, Wanda, have such a great sense of color, that you can get away with just about anything you put your mind to!

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