Triangle progress and garden walk…….

I got three more columns sewn onto the 4 that were already sewn.  I’m a little past the half way point if I’m going to stop at 96″.  I’m building it sideways on the design wall.  The left edge right now is either the top or the bottom edge of the finished top.  I sewed 3 cross seams leaving the last inch unsewn so I can add on the next columns.  I figured it would have more stability so I can move it when the art quilters come next Monday.

First stop on the garden tour is the inside garden.  When I moved the cacti last week I found a bud on this plant and it bloomed in time for the shower.

I can see 2 batches of tulips from my front windows.  The yellow ones were just a little past their prime so I didn’t take a photo of them.  I think I will cut some of these for a bouquet today.

This is one of 2 batches of purple tulips around the side of my house.  I only see them if I walk around the yard.  I will cut these for my bouquet too.

This is the last group around the side of the house.  Only one has opened a little so I can tell what color they are.  These tulips were here when I moved her 43 years ago and some years I have one flower and other years, lots of flowers. 


11 thoughts on “Triangle progress and garden walk…….

  1. Nothing is in bloom yet here. In fact woke up to frost again this morning. We didn't cover anything so hopefully it didn't catch anything. I see it on buildings. Will have to go out and water to see if it did get anything. You are making good headway on your quilt. Anxious to see the whole thing. Chris

  2. I wish I had some of the 43 year old tulips ! Mine don't seem to last very long and someone suggested the squirrels eat the bulbs, yours must be planted very deep. Our tulips down south here are still blooming but not many, most have already done their beauty. We have lilacs in full bloom though and I love them, love their smell.

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