Sucessful party and after party sewing……….

The bridal shower was a huge success and it was so nice to see family at a joyful occasion instead of a funeral.  There were 21 attending and my huge living/dining room was a perfect setting.

After they all left I went down to the basement and decided that purple was the choice for the edge pieces and sewed the last triangle unit to fill the second row.  I then chose the next color for the bottom of the third row but haven’t cut it yet.  It is a Martha Negley grape print in a hot pink.

I also may switch out that blue print and put the purple grapes with the purple fern print as a 4 patch.  I was too tired to make any decision on that last night.  Today is church sewing circle in the afternoon so I’ll make some decisions tonight.


11 thoughts on “Sucessful party and after party sewing……….

  1. Glad you had a good time. Seeing Family as you said other than a funeral is much more pleasant. The choices you made for the quilt as spot on. Enjoy your day think it will be a good one to get out and take a drive. Chris

  2. It is good you got to enjoy all the fruits of your cleaning. I bet all the goodies went. Can't wait to see the new color triangles in place. I am trying to recover from the bus trip to Paducah. 15 hours to and 18 hours back. Not a bus person I guess.

  3. I'm glad your party went so well and you got to see your family again. I am very curious about this quilt, my vision of it is clouded but I know that you will make another masterpiece.

  4. I am happy to hear the shower was a success! The Spritz cookies are a wonderful reminder of my childhood when my mom would make hundreds of them at xmas time. My job was to cut a maraschino cherry into tiny, tiny pieces for the wreaths and xmas tree cookies. I just got my mom's cookie press this past weekend.

  5. I know exactly what you mean, there are people in my family (actually my in-laws because that's the family I see on a regular basis, my own family lives in Denmark and I see them every summer) we only see when there's a funeral! Glad you had a chance to do something fun with your family. 1087

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