Sewing and last treat baked…….

I sewed this group of triangle squares and then went down to the basement.

I had seven of these blocks to sew together to prepare the next two columns to be added to the first sewn group.

After sewing those blocks I’m off to the next decision.  You can see I have one more triangle unit to sew before I can sew those 2 rows together.  I need to decide whether to use 2 of the 3 pink/red fabrics next or switch those with those darker purple ones to their right.  After all of the company leaves I’ll make the decision.

My sister-in-law brought over the floral centerpiece that she had ordered.

I baked my last batch of sweets for the shower.  They are frosted creams, a molasses based sheet cake.  It is a family favorite.  

Company should start arriving a little after one.  I’m looking forward to seeing the family members that I haven’t seen for several years.


14 thoughts on “Sewing and last treat baked…….

  1. For once I'm not eyeing up just the food but that pretty tablecloth beneath the floral centerpiece. Is that the one you mentioned the other day?

    Have a wonderful time. It's a nice sunny day for a party.

  2. As always a very busy lady. The centerpiece is beautiful and definitely says “Spring”. Now you have a clean house and wonderful desserts and good company for the afternoon. What a beautiful sun shiny day.

  3. The quilt looks like it will be very colorful and pretty! I had to comment about the dessert, though. Frosted Creams are a favorite in my family too, but I've never met anyone else who has heard of them. They are so yummy, especially with cream cheese frosting!

  4. I agree with quilt diva Julie, a sharing of this recipe would be greatly appreciated! It looks and sounds yummy! I hope you and all the family had a great time today! I can't wait to hear wedding details. Was there a color theme to the wedding? Did anyone cry? Oh come on, Wanda, you can fess up. We know you're a big romantic!
    Of course, I know no such thing, just kidding. But catching up, reconnecting with family, and being able to celebrate the newlyweds' first moments together as husband and wife certainly does sound like a special day! It was very nice of you to provide the venue for everyone to get together, and goodies,

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