Close to finish……..

I did the last 2 rows of machine quilting on the zig zag quilt and trimmed it and pulled out the basting threads.  I probably won’t do the binding until after the bridal shower at my house on Sunday.

Last night I did a little cutting and then matched up the next batches of triangle units.

Today I will start cleaning the kitchen and baking Spritz cookies for Sunday.  I get to eat all of the reject shapes though.  


9 thoughts on “Close to finish……..

  1. I have troubles making Spritz cookies. they never work out right. Tried several recipes and they seem to not be the right texture. They taste ok. One more quilted. Has to feel good. Chris

  2. I always say, reject or broken cookies have no calories. At my house we don't call them rejects, we call them family cookies. 🙂 Have a fun shower!

  3. Great array of triangles to stitch up… I know you are a pro at making your spritz cookies from the prior photo's you have shared. But do enjoy those rejects if any. (*._,*)


  4. These do look like 'expert' triangles-what's your secret ruler for this? I'm learning so much from you-my own copy of Tradition with a Twist arrived yesterday – now I have a bit of direction (!) and can hope to make something fabulous someday! Thanks for mentioning that book to me. I check quilting books out of three different local libraries, but had not seen that one.

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