Vertical seams sewn………..

I added the two missing triangle units from the last time I showed this and then sewed the first 4 columns together with vertical seams.  I was so into my cleaning and putting away things yesterday that I didn’t get to the basement until 9 p.m. to work on this.  There are over 20 people coming to the bridal shower on Sunday so lots of things needed to be removed from the living/dining room.  

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9 thoughts on “Vertical seams sewn………..

  1. I love the richness of the reds in this. Typically when *I* mix red and green it looks too “Christmassy” for my taste. But this blend doesn't have that effect at all.

  2. Good Luck on the Bridal shower prep. You seem to be doing it logically!! Glad you were able to get downstairs and sew for a little while. I cleaned my sewing room out ( so many trips to the living room) and just have furniture in there now. I am arranging it for the last time!! No pressure. Half of it is not going back in!! Happy Wednesday.

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