Almost done…………

I worked on cleaning the living room most of the day yesterday.  Moving 30 cactus plants took some time. I also boxed some quilts I sold from my blogshop and got them mailed.  I never made it down to the basement yesterday to cut any triangles.  Last night I did 3 more rows of quilting on this quilt and have just 2 more rows to go and it will be done.  I should be able to finish the living/dining room cleaning today.


9 thoughts on “Almost done…………

  1. Good morning Wanda, aka, the human dynamo! The weather here in Florida, has been rainy and very humid, but we did manage to attend a large Flea Market that is scheduled only on Mondays. Never could figure why, but people flock to it like bears to a honeypot. We try to attend whenever we are down here and usually find some good bargains. Today we plan on going to one of the pools in the resort, since the sun is supposed to make an appearance. Enjoy the day.

  2. that is nice that you sold some of quilts/tops – I did take a look the other day. you will be having a time getting ready for the wedding shower that you are putting on – have you mentioned who is getting married?

  3. Wanda,
    Would you mind sharing what size the squares are in your triangle quilt? I'm guessing 8″ or so but love the dimensions you are using…it is amazing and inspiring! Can't believe how much you get accomplished!

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