Triange project progress……………..

I am finally getting the bottom row figured out and sewn (click to enlarge to see the bottom pieces which are laying on the floor).  After I make two more triangle units I will be able to sew the first 4 rows together.  I have misplaced one group of triangles so I’ll be looking for them tomorrow.  I need to do some clean up of the fabrics I have been cutting too.

I bought a package of 16 Super Sliders to add to my collection so I can put them under the legs of all of the furniture in the living room and slide it all to the dining room area and start vacuuming.  The bridal shower at my home is one week away.  We have a cool week predicted so it is perfect timing for the vacuuming.

povertybayquilter–please leave me a comment with your email address in it (use AT instead of @ and DOT instead of a period).  You are a no reply so I can’t get back to you.


11 thoughts on “Triange project progress……………..

  1. Beautiful. Beautiful. Seeing this quilt each day is a little like visiting the garden and seeing what has bloomed today. Love seeing HOW you go about working on this.

  2. Well, Wanda — I have been offline for a bit and when I checked you blog, I find Shimmer. I am in the middle of doing this in only reds — what a lesson in values. It's going to be 80 x 80 and I have finally made a dent in my red scraps. I have a number of blocks that don't work but I figure this is my practice for one in Kaffe fabrics if I ever get my lollypop done. Yours is great!!!!

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